Cytisus – Planting & Pruning

  • Common Names Common Broom, Beesom, Green Broom
  • Synonyms Sarothamnus scoparius
  • Family Fabaceae
  • Genus Cytisus can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs, ranging from prostrate to erect and almost tree-like, with small, simple or 3-parted leaves and pea-like flowers spring or summer
  • Details C. scoparius is an erect deciduous shrub with slender green shoots bearing small, ternate leaves and axillary clusters of pea-like bright yellow flowers in late spring


How to prune cytisus

Cytisus doesn’t need to be pruned or trimmed, but you can, however, remodel its shape from time to time.

Prune the sprigs of the year when the flowers have died off the cytisus.

You can also reshape your cytisus to a nice shape just after the blooming, cutting back more drastically.

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Watering cytisus

As regards watering, the first year is the only year where regular watering is needed.

Indeed, cytisus is a shrub that doesn’t fear high temperatures.

A cytisus growing in a pot nonetheless needs more attention as regards watering.

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